At least, I think it’s number 4. I’ve been getting a lot of free-for-review books lately, I think more in part due to the fact that I’m being more proactive in getting copies of them, though admittedly a bunch of these aren’t ARCs. Even so, it’s pretty exciting and I’ve featured each one as I get them on here. Today’s feature is Emma of Iran which I’m honestly so thrilled to have gotten a copy of. And not just any copy, but a signed copy. I did a bit of squealing when I opened the package.

img_0564I really wanted to read this one, largely due to the fact that it addresses very real issues that this country has with people who are different and it is a work of fiction. Admittedly, I don’t particularly enjoy reading non-fiction books and so any time I can get my hands on a book that discusses real issues in this particular genre, I feel compelled to get my hands on a copy. And that’s because it’s true that a large number of people are like me and don’t enjoy reading non-fiction. I feel like it’s important to get messages out there and ultimately there are so many platforms that need to be utilized to do so.

And so, while I will occasionally read non-fiction when the issue is important, I’m definitely thrilled when a piece of fiction addresses these issues, in part due to my own expected enjoyment but also due to the fact that it reaches other people. I’m excited to be reading this book and intend to start it soon.

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