So it’s been two weeks since I revamped this blog in order to ensure that there was some form of quality book-ish (exempting Movie (or show) Monday) post coming for readers every day and I’m getting into the hang of it fairly well, which is pretty exciting. I haven’t gone a single day without writing something and that honestly feels great.

I’ve changed the name of this blog from “From Me To You” to “My Reader Fox and his Box of Books” which I was admittedly rather excited about just because it’s catchier and has more of a personal flair to it on my end. I’ve gotten good feedback on that, which has been nice, so I wanna give a quick shout out to everyone who commented on that post cause you’re all wonderful and thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it.

The single thing I’m realizing I don’t like about the organization I’ve set up is Reveiw Fridays in which I basically don’t post reviews until Friday and always have one readily available on that day. I’ve realized this format isn’t going to work for me because some weeks I have a bunch of reviews to post and I don’t feel like it’s an accurate reflection of my reading to only post one review every Friday.

So, resultingly, a few things are going to change. First is that reviews are simply going to be posted as I write them, instead of me saving them all for whatever Friday comes next. This is mainly to give the books the appreciation they deserve sooner and to commit me to writing the review in a short time period after finishing the book (which will ultimately help me remember all the things I want to say about it, where waiting until Friday just prompts me to procrastinate).

Of course, this leaves Friday open without any sort of scheduled themed post. And that’s not bad, exactly, except that I really enjoyed being able to have at least one post up per day. So I’ve been considering a few ideas for this. The first is that I move Cover Appreciation Thursday to Friday and incorporate a Throwback Thursday theme into my blog. I like the idea of Throwback Thursday, I’ve seen it around the internet all the time over the years. But I also like having Cover Appreciation on Thursday.

Since I’ve started posting book quotes I love on Thursdays as well, I could potentially move that to Friday alongside Cover Appreciation and keep Thursday for throwbacks. Ultimately, I haven’t fully decided. I don’t think this will affect any of my readers too much, since it’s only a day apart, but since it’s on my mind and will likely be happening, I just decided to write about it.

The biggest thing is that hopefully we can all expect more reviews in the future.

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