the disney bookSo, I love Disney, but I don’t think I’m quite obsessed enough to merit a book like this. Granted, I likely never would have bothered to read it–unless flipping idly through it in a bookstore counts?–had it not been for the fact that it was a gift from my boyfriend. I’ll admit, it’s a really cool look into the company and all the films they’ve made. But I didn’t need it and I probably would have had a lot more fun reading a YA novel. Then again, I don’t typically trust others to know which books to pick out for me so the best course of action would typically be to…just get me a gift card. Even so, this was a cool, if slightly unnecessary, read. The original filmstrip was pretty awesome as well, though unfortunately the copy we got ended up with a film strip from Brave, which I did not enjoy and I know I would have been infinitely happier with one from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, or The Little Mermaid. Though, in retrospect, I imagine those would be much harder to come by. Anyone own one and want to trade? Just kidding.

I think, ultimately, the coolest thing about this book was the timeline of films, which shockingly enough did include a brief albeit tiny mention of Song of the South, the exceedingly racist film that Disney likes to pretend does not exist–did you guys know that it won an Academy Award?–and basically detailed every Disney full feature film and short film ever made. I actually have quite a few more to watch than I’d originally believed if I’m ever going to catch up and be able to say I’ve seen all the Disney animated features.

You get some insight into the company and how it began, Walt Disney and his visions for it all, Mickey Mouse and where he started. It’s all actually incredibly interesting. I genuinely enjoyed reading the book. It’s not one I typically would have picked for myself, and I definitely wouldn’t have spent that much money on a book like this. I frankly see it as far too expensive for a book I’ll probably only fully read through once and then only skim through later. But it’s enjoyable and you learn a lot about Disney as a whole by reading it. I wouldn’t say this book is for everyone. But, if you’re a Disney fan, and you wanna know a little more about the inner workings of the filmmaking, it might be worth borrowing. Now, if you really love Disney and you think that you’d be tickled pink by this sort of stuff, then maybe consider buying it. But really, only then.


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