sasquatch, love, and other imaginary thingsVada @ Ramblings of a Neurotic Writer doesn’t have an About Me page, but she does have a short blurb on the right side of her blog about herself, inviting her readers to join her in an adventure through the unknown. A social media manager and blogger, Vada has quite a large number of book reviews to sort through and so it took me a while to decide on a book to feature, but ultimately I simply could not resist the one that I found.

I have to admit that about 85% of the reasoning behind my choice to feature Sasquatch, Love, and Other Imaginary Things by Bety was the absolutely hilarious and creative title. The book sounds like a load of fun and crazy adventures as the characters join a reality t.v. show in which they must prove sasquatch exists in order to win money to pay for their daughter, Sam, to attend college as a pre-med student. And no one can really argue with the merit in that. I can tell you here and now that Vada’s review has 100% resulted in this book getting added to my TBR.

“…a breath of fresh air to me and I found it hilarious. I hardly ever read any comedy, but YA mixed with corny jokes and sarcastic comments is my idea of a dream novel. Sam reminds me of myself and is the lovable joker of the family. She cares about everyone but worries constantly and is…”

So, take a bit of time to check out this wonderful review for this corny and hilarious book. Let’s give Vada some extra support today! She definitely deserves it.

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