bird's eye viewBird’s Eye View by John Farndon and illustrated by Paul Boston is another of those incredibly detailed and informative children’s books that I had initially thought would be a lot more geared toward younger kids, but really fits the pre-teen age group much better. It’s pretty exceptional in a lot of ways, but not the sort of book that you really read once and leave feeling as though you remember all the new things you were taught. Bird’s Eye View is a dense book for children who are interested in learning about the world.

It’s very much focused on an environmental science perspective, moving all across the world to teach about the landforms we’ve got on our planet and all the animals who live within it. There’s a lot of text to this book, but the illustrations are also immense and beautiful. Adult or child, you definitely have the opportunity to leave this book feeling as though you’ve learned something. And, in its own way, it reminded me somewhat of a zoo. Now, that’s a vague comparison, of course. But the book does do an incredible job giving an overview of certain animals and their habitats.

All in all, Bird’s Eye View is quite an impressive book and a worthwhile educational read. It has a lot of merits and is definitely a book you don’t want to simply glance at and leave behind. I, for one, really appreciated the opportunity to read it. In so many ways, this book is perfect for libraries and it is perfect for schools.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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