Only, this wasn’t once upon a time. It was just ten days ago.happily

So, I finished this book in one day.
I felt a lot of excitement about reading this one initially. Not only did the premise sound incredibly clever, detailing the account of a young girl living on the streets who took advantage of the King’s proclamation that the one to fit the glass slipper would marry his son. This has been an ironic commentary about the story of Cinderella for longer than I can remember and I couldn’t wait to see how the story would be tackled. I’m pleased to admit that I was not disappointed.

Now, I will admit that this book isn’t without its flaws. I wasn’t overly fond of a particular plot point near the end, though I won’t be mentioning it to avoid spoilers. It felt too convenient and somewhat random, but it was rather small and more of an epilogue wrap up that I feel is kind of a throwback to things ending conveniently in old fairy tales and therefore while I didn’t love it, I wasn’t too annoyed. It seemed like the bandits were slightly overdone at times, but aside from that, this book was simply amazing.

Just filled with wonderful characters and some of the wittiest takes on Cinderella I’ve ever had the pleasure to read, Rogers’ Happily had me eagerly reading from the very beginning. I adored Laure immensely. Her cleverness was exceptionally fun to read and I found her lovable in the most intriguing of ways. While she had a rather cynical attitude toward everything, as a reader I couldn’t help appreciating her and feeling a lot of emotion for her as a result.

I loved Luc as well, though not as much, and appreciated his role in bringing Laure back to all the things she had once lost. Unerringly positive, Luc brought out the best in a girl who had been wronged by the world so much that her only response was a strong desire to run away from anything that could hurt her. I loved their interactions and friendship immensely.

Out of all the characters, though, I have to admit that Prince Carl has got to be my favorite. I loved his personality and I was especially amused and impressed by how he managed to fall in love with a girl and yet could not give a physical description of her that would permit him to later find her. It was simply perfect and I don’t think I could have asked for a better rendition of the Cinderella story.

I think, ultimately, this is one of those books that I found myself really impressed with and it was largely due to the creative plot and the fantastic characters. If you haven’t heard of Happily yet or haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, I’d definitely suggest you do. It’s well worth the read. Happily will be officially released on April 3rd!

I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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