a warm friendshipA Warm Friendship by Ellen DeLange and illustrated by Jacqueline Molnar is all kinds of confusing. And after reading it, I found myself sitting in confusion, baffled as to what the purpose of this book was in the first place. Is it a message about grief and remembrance? Is it just a tale about the truths of snowmen? Does it not have one at all? Honestly, I can’t tell because the logic of it is basically non-existent.

The story begins with a squirrel and a snowman and for some reason, the snowman is cold, out in the frosty winter where he lives. And so naturally the squirrel sees it as important to warm up the snowman–bringing him a scarf and all sorts of warm clothing to combat the chill. The other animals all help as well and a friendship blossoms between them and the snowman. But as always happens with snow, it’s not quite meant to last.

And see, this is the thing I didn’t get about the story. Why was the snowman cold? Where does that make even a sliver of sense? What was the purpose of the burgeoning friendship that we all know is going to end in what basically equates to the death of the snowman? Where was the actual thought and effort put into sending a message about grief? I just…wasn’t all that impressed.

The artwork was decent, but nothing I’d be super excited about. Overall, I didn’t really care for this one.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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