one is a lotIt’s probably slightly terrible, but the main reason why I requested One is a Lot (Except When it’s Not) by Muon Thi Van has everything to do with the fact that the squirrel main character on the cover looked somewhat fox-like to me. Of course, I knew it was a squirrel, but I just can’t help myself in these circumstances. One is a Lot is a children’s book that basically focuses on the differences between quantity, quality, and size.

There’s a lot of comparison that goes on in this story; from the itty bitty acorn, which really is not much, to the sun which is still a single thing but is much, much more. I enjoyed reading it and I definitely see how this book could help a lot of kids develop that understanding. I thought even specifically of one of my students as I read the book, knowing that it would surely be useful to them in teaching the concept. And I love that.

The artwork is adorable, though fairly simple. I do imagine that it’s perfect for a lot of young children. The images aren’t the most intricately drawn, of course, and it looks a lot like watercolor paint. But it’s pleasant to look at overall. In general, I enjoyed the story and I can certainly appreciate a lot about it.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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