Show of hands, who here has heard of the Uppercase Box?

I don’t post about it often, more because I’m a scheduler and book boxes don’t really fit into that theme of mine where I only schedule posts when I’m in a mood to write. Usually, I plan to but am busy when the book box comes in and then forget to do a post later. I’m pretty bad about this. But I’ve been subscribed to Uppercase for a little over a year (birthday present from my boyfriend).

I’ve always considered this box to be one of the better ones. Firstly, it’s solely YA. Second, all the books come signed. Never once have I had to settle for the bookplate nonsense that has become so popular. I understand why it’s a thing and respect how it has helped authors…but also, I hate them so much. Bookplates are part of the reason I’ve never signed up for any other YA book box subscription. And while I’ll freely admit that Uppercase doesn’t always have the best bookish items, at the end of the day it has always been the book I was most interested in.

With that said, I learned about a month ago that the Uppercase Book Box is being discontinued. And this ultimately means that where I was expecting six more book boxes this year, I will now only be getting one. My very last book has just been shipped today. And it’s a shame, because I really liked this one. And honestly, I don’t know if I’ll turn to a different book box subscription service in the future. Cause I 100% only want one that offers signed YA books (not bookplates!).

So, I’m a little sad. I’ll miss this book box.

What did you think of Uppercase and how do you feel about it being discontinued? What’s your favorite YA book box subscription?

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11 thoughts on “Goodbye Uppercase Book Box

  1. You should check out Beacon Book Box. I haven’t gotten any boxes from them yet but I have preordered one. If I’m not mistaken they do signed books and there items are always usable items.


    1. Yeah, some of the books were a little meh, but I did like most of them. It’s just sad that it’s not an option anymore.


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