fox3Do you ever get to a point in life where you’re just constantly and consistently exhausted? Cause I have to admit that I’m there now. It’s funny, because every time I’ve sat down to write a post in the past couple of days, I’ve been pushed to a point where I just can’t bring myself to muster up the energy. Which is insane because I barely got anything done at all this weekend. And I think what it comes down to is depression.

I saw a video about a month ago, a Ted Talk I believe, where the man speaking described how much he felt that the effort it would take to make a sandwich was so overwhelming that he just couldn’t do it. It was too overwhelming to get out of bed, too overwhelming to walk to the kitchen, too overwhelming to get out the bread, the meat, the cheese, the veggies. It was even too much to simply eat the sandwich. And it’s got to be the most adequate description I’ve ever heard for how I feel half the time.

And that’s been amplified for me this week. And I’m just so tired. I feel like I could sleep for a month.

So, a thought occurred to me. I’ve realized on numerous occasions just how much scheduling my posts does for me and my blog. The truth that I have depression and it takes over from time to time is not really something I think I could ever escape, but there will always be ways to work through it. Had it not been for my scheduled posts, I would have basically disappeared entirely for several days.

Considering how much engagement a blog requires, that’s not always a good thing for a blog, even if it is good for mental health. I don’t know if it was simply this weekend or if it was the fact that I wasn’t around as much engaging with other blogs, but my view count dropped drastically. And it’s an interesting thing to consider when you’re working really hard to keep up a fun blog that people enjoy reading.

And at the end of the day, the best advice I can give anyone who has moments like this where they lose all energy and motivation to keep their blog going for a few days, is to tell them to schedule their posts. With that, your blog will continue to run without you. And you can take much needed breaks whenever the necessity makes itself clear.

I hope you’ve all be doing well and that you’re enjoying your reading and blogging!

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3 thoughts on “Of Scheduling and Exhaustion

  1. Schedules don’t work well for me because I’m stubborn and obnoxious and I tend to rebel against them. My daughter is the completely opposite (we butt heads at times because of this). At one point, I was attempting to do separate blogs for all my different interests/hobbies and it got to be way too much. I no longer enjoyed it because I couldn’t meet some randomly selected schedules I’d set for myself to maintain them, so I dropped it for a while. When I finally decided to cram it all into one place and quit censoring what I posted, I felt leaps and bounds better about what I was doing. Now, If one piece is hard for me for whatever reason (getting a book related post up or finding a new photo or whatever), I know that I have any number of other topics I can post instead. That is probably the only thing that saves me from going days without a post. I tend to start feeling at my worst when I start to feel stagnate, so the variety keeps that at bay. The downside to that is that not everyone likes that same variety. You can see that in the different posts that get interactions and from which people. It makes for some interesting stats, which I’ve decided to do my best to ignore unless I have to look deeper for some reason.


    1. It really is. And I am so grateful for the scheduling. It’s kind of like…just a way to make sure I always have something posted every day rather than posting everything exactly when I write it and it’s been so helpful.


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