don't drink the pinkIf you’re looking for an emotional read, Don’t Drink the Pink by B. C. R. Fegan and illustrated by Lenny Wen is a book worth reading. In its own way, I find this book both brilliant, fun, and sad. It’s perfectly paced and the story is handled exceptionally well. Ultimately, I enjoyed Don’t Drink the Pink and I can see a lot of value in the overall story that it tells, but it’s definitely one you almost don’t quite feel prepared for. And it’s incredibly hard to write a review for this book without including a spoiler, so this is your first warning.

There’s a lot of whimsy both in the beautiful cover that already implies magic and the story itself. In fact, I could tell just from looking at it that magic of some sort was going to be involved. And the book begins in a wondrously fun manner, with an old grandfather bringing gifts of drinks to his granddaughter that give her magical powers. Each birthday she has, this little girl eagerly looks forward to her grandfather’s visit. And every single birthday comes with a massive amount of fun.

While Don’t Drink the Pink has a very magical theme, the book is also realistic and in this it provides children with a small commentary on grief, suggesting that we can always look back on the good times even when they are over. The story is incredibly cute and quite relatable, in its own way. And I genuinely do see this book as one that would be great for young children who go through a similar experience that the main character does, that of having a great relationship with a family member who one day won’t be around.

I loved so much about reading this book. From the great relationship the main character has with her grandfather to the way in which it portrays the idea that one can work through the grief of losing a loved one by remembering the good times with them. I do think that this is the kind of book that children should read with their parents in order to help them understand what it means to “drink the pink” as the story goes. All in all, though, it was a wonderful book.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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5 thoughts on “Don’t Drink the Pink [B. C. R. Fegan]

  1. Fabulous review, Steph! I really love the way you talked about the essence of the story without giving it away. I actually remember the moment when I for the first time wanted the magic ability the pink potion gave Madeline. You are right, parents have to discuss it with kids. Getting emotional now…Thanks for a great post.❤


    1. I’m glad you think so. I got kind of worried I gave too much away, lol. And yeah, it’s such an emotional story. I can’t imagine reading it as a child without a parent around to help me process it.


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