cogheartWith a cover like this one, Cogheart by Peter Bunzl was never a book that I could have passed up the opportunity to read. In a world where mechanized people and animals serve the humans around them, very few have come to the conclusion that these machines can feel. But Lily, the daughter of a rather renown and brilliant mech inventor knows better. When her father’s ship suddenly crashes and he is presumed dead, Lily falls into the guardianship of his housekeeper. Pulled from school, the life she once knew is quickly thrown into chaos as her father’s mechs are sold off and the housekeeper isn’t quite who she says she is. And then there’s the matter of the invention her father made.

Honestly, despite how much I loved reading Cogheart, the truth of the matter is that the story was incredibly predictable. I picked out the main villain incredibly quickly, determined where what it was that he was after in the first place was located immediately after the event with Lily and her mother was revealed as well as the use of it discussed. There was absolutely nothing surprising about anything in the story. And despite all of this I did definitely have an enjoyable time with the book. The characters were pretty exceptional, despite the fact that the villain was obvious. The plot was great. And I loved the idea of a mechanical fox, though I’ll admit I wasn’t too fond of the fact that it could speak.

I think, had I been younger when I read this book it would have easily become one those books that I would have adored and reread a large number of times. I think it definitely fits the middle grade readership well and I certainly see a lot of younger readers enjoying it. And the cool thing is that I now have it on my radar for any of my kiddos at work who like foxes or these kinds of stories. So, Cogheart gets four out of five foxes as a rating, only losing the one due to how predictable I found it. But at the end of the day, I really loved this story.


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