game of secretsGame of Secrets by Kim Foster took far longer for me to finish and review than any book has a right to if it’s less than 500 pages. And why was this? Well, Game of Secrets is your typical run-of-the-mill YA dystopian about a girl with powers who didn’t know that she had powers. A novel with an interesting enough sounding premise, Game of Secrets really didn’t do anything new with it. The novel, as a whole, was forgettable. Nothing about it ever really stood out or grabbed your interest in any real way that made you want to keep reading. If I didn’t have the summary to look back on, I would have forgotten everything that this book was about shortly after reading it. Main character, Felicity, lives in a world where anyone with magic is considered Tainted and basically executed. Since her little brother happens to have powers of his own, Felicity has spent her life after the death of their father taking care of him and working as hard as she can to ensure that his secret is not found out and he is kept safe. But one day when, despite her own unawareness, Felicities magic suddenly appears in public, she is immediately arrested and now unable to protect her little brother as she is scheduled for execution. It is only when she is offered the chance to work for a rebellion who promises to protect her brother that Felicity is taken out of her troubling situation.

Somehow I was never able to really get into this novel, especially when one of the few interesting characters was killed off within minutes of the book beginning, his role quickly degraded simply to be a point of grief for the main character to hold her back from the real love interest who would appear later on. This is annoying in a lot of ways. I cannot even begin to explain how pointless and aggravating it is for an author to kill off an initial love interest solely to create tension between the main character and the guy that she always planned to have the character end up with in the first place.

Moving forward, Game of Secrets is really just a giant walking cliche, with all the tropeish characters and plots you’d expect from the gorgeous and basically perfect in every way guy to the bitchy for no reason mean girl to ridiculous pining with useless tension to difficulty controlling magic that everyone else seems to have in lock, only to later find out you’re more powerful than everyone else. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing exciting, it’s nothing interesting. I’ve read this story a thousand times with much better characters and much more interesting plot twists. And, as much as I’ve always loved dystopian novels…I’m bored of it by now. Give me something new because Game of Secrets is not it.

I was provided a free copy of this book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


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