silent screamWith a fairly short and to the point About Me page, Sheila @ The Quiet Geordie wastes no time in letting visitors to her blog know what it’s all about. Put simply, her blog is about reading and books. Visiting her Twitter tells you a little bit more, though. She’s a crime fiction blogger. Another cool fact about Sheila’s blog is that, for the books she doesn’t particularly love, she offers something called rapid reviews. And you’ll just have to pop on over to show her some support to see if your guess for what those are is correct.

It will likely come as no surprise to many of you that the sort of books Sheila reads aren’t exactly my sort of books. In fact, I very much doubt I will be picking up Silent Scream by Angela Marsons at any point in my future. But, if you’re a fan of crime fiction and mysteries, this book might just be for you. And in this case, I am glad to be able to point anyone who might be interested in the direction of a blogger who reads this genre regularly, but also in the direction of a book that has a five-star stamp of approval from her as well.

“…sometimes you hear so many people raving about a particular author or series, you wonder if it’s overhyped and are put off reading them. Sometimes you regret putting off reading said author or series. Yes, I’m the latest member of the DI Kim Stone appreciation society! And very late to…”

I’d definitely suggest dropping by to see what this book is about. And then check out some of Sheila’s other posts and give her some support! Until next time, happy reading everyone!

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