away from hereKris @ My Blissful Books is honestly a pretty fantastic person, and it just takes a few seconds of reading her About Me page to see that. She’s involved in both the Relay for Life and Out of the Darkness, the first which raises funds for cancer and the second for suicide prevention. I’d only heard of the first one before now, but I’m glad to have been introduced to the second. Of course, this isn’t all Kris does with her time since obviously, she’d have to be a book blogger to be featured here. And it’s exciting to note that her favorite use of time is to read and make planners.

I’m always excited to find books that are not what I expected, but in a good way. And in that sense, I’m incredibly pleased to be able to share Kris’ review for a book that left her with this very feeling. Away From Here by Christopher Harlan is a teenage romance story about two students who are paired together for a class project. And, to my excitement, this novel also tackles some issues regarding mental health both in one of the love interests and in one of their mothers. Now, as I’ve not personally read this book just yet, I can’t speak to how well the subject matter is handled, but fortunately, Kris’ review can do just that. It does appear that this book is focused mainly on depression.

“…I have to be honest what I read was NOT what I expecting to read. I thought (or rather assumed) that it was going to be a generic love story. Truly, I should have known better. What I got was an amazing eloquently written book about first love, first loss, and dealing with mental illness…”

So, take a bit of time out of your day to drop by Kris’ blog and check out the review for this and maybe a few others! Her blog does appear to be more romance based than YA, so if that’s your area of book love, I’d definitely suggest checking out some more of her stuff! Let’s show her the support she deserves! Happy reading, everyone!

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