I have more 5 star N books than I ever would have imagined. Ultimately, I went with Nevernight because the other ones are actually part of a series and I think this book really does deserve the top spot for how amazing it was. Ironically, I didn’t have many 4 star reads and I cannot for the life of me remember much about the Night World books, though I do know that there was exactly one story that I really enjoyed reading. I don’t know if it was in this one. Go figure. By far, the most disappointing of this set is the 1 star book that is the worst Peter Pan retelling I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. And, as for The Name of the Wind, I am a terrible friend because this was recommended to me ages ago by an amazing pal of mine and I still haven’t read it. It’s shameful, really.

5 Star N Read:


4 Star N Read:

night world

3 Star N Read:

the name of the star

2 Star N Read:

never after

1 Star N Read:

never ever

N TBR Read:

the name of the wind

Any thoughts on these books? Drop your thoughts in the comments if you have them! Happy reading!

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