I know, I know…they’re all very different. And, to be honest, I felt a little weird including that last one in the title. I literally shuddered. But, eh. That’s what it is so I won’t pretend it’s not. And besides, it’s something that we really should have a lot more understanding of than we do. I can’t believe how much more prevalent human trafficking actually is. It’s quite terrifying. Aside from the first one, the books in this list are actually fairly scary. I should have just titled this “fears.”

danielle: chronicles of a superheroine
A graphic novel about a scientifically minded young girl? Sign me up!

100 days of sunlight
100 Days of Sunlight is basically the story of my greatest fear in the universe. So, obviously I was gonna want to read it.

slaves among usPut simply, I don’t know enough about this subject. I requested the book to change that.

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