anya and the dragonThree seconds after seeing this cover for the first time, I just knew that it needed to be featured on Cover Love Friday. Aside from that slightly annoying text blurb up at the top–an excerpt of a review that just isn’t necessary to be on the front cover of the book–I love everything about this cover. And I do mean everything. So much so that I genuinely wouldn’t have a problem if I changed up my cover design to look somewhat like that one. It’s just, plain and simple, perfection and gorgeousness all rolled up into one beautiful bit of artwork. Do you not agree? And looking at it, I don’t even know where exactly I want to start with how in love I am with this cover. I can tell you, however, that this is the precise sort of cover that makes me instantly want to pick up and read a book. I could barely care less as to what this book is actually about–the cover tells me enough with the title anyway–because I know I already want it on my shelf this instant.

Speaking of the title, I guess that’s a great place to begin. The title is perfectly placed, perfectly sized, and uses the perfect font. The color is pretty brilliant, too, though it isn’t my favorite part of the piece. Also, I want to take a moment to say that the author’s name and the  way in which she spells it could not be more perfect for a book about a girl and a dragon. While it is likely just a lucky coincidence, I’m utterly in love with it. My favorite piece of this artwork comes from the girl up at the top of the image and her gorgeous posture, the weapon in her hand that she’s staring at–at least, I assume it’s a weapon–and then the fantastical imagery lain over her silhouette. The figures in the background are sure to be amazing characters that I also fall in love with, and while I was not initially picturing a water dragon, that’s definitely what it seems the story will be about. I’m getting a little bit of a Dragonheart vibe here, though that’s probably not all too close to the plot of the story.

How is this cover working for you? Is it one that you find exquisite? Do you hate it? Are there parts you like and other parts that you don’t really care all that much for? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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