And this week I’m winding down for the books that have been added to my TBR from the month of July in 2018. I only have a short list for you all today and with two books that I’m sure you might’ve seen already, but are definitely worth adding to your list.

Sea WitchI have to admit, it’s kind of embarrassing that this is still on my TBR, especially after how much I was excited about Sea Witch by Sarah Henning. I raved about how amazing this book looked and how desperate I was to read it for ages and I even got my hands on an ARC (after publication, of course) some time back in a trade. But have I read it? Nope. I read To Kill a Kingdom before reading this and it’s kind of just sad. And honestly, I can’t really give you an excuse for why I haven’t read it yet. I’ve just prioritized unreleased ARCs which has ultimately lead to a severe lack of reading books that I’ve been incredibly excited for in order to make sure that my reviews are out on time. And, unfortunately, Sea Witch is just one of the ones that was bypassed.

dI really want to read all the books in The Darkest Minds series by Alexandra Bracken, and so The Darkest Legacy. I’ve been meaning to get these books read for so long at this point but I can just never seem to get around to it, which is a little sad since I love Bracken’s work. Ironically, I did start the first book in this series some time ago, but I never finished it. You see, I started it as an audiobook and unfortunately I just couldn’t get into it. You know how some audiobook readers can sometimes make or break a book for you? Well, in this instance I just couldn’t get past my dislike of the voice. And I’m sure it wasn’t this way for everyone, but I decided pretty quickly into it that I needed to read the book rather than listen since I couldn’t quite bring myself to spend more time listening to the novel.

And, amazingly, that is the end of my July 2018 books! I’m going to hold off on adding some August books to this post. You’ll all just have to wait until next week to see the ones that found their way to my TBR! And, as always, happy reading!

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