36233085I am so on board with the plot ideas behind Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy that I honestly feel rather disappointed in myself for not having gotten my hands on a copy already. I knew long before I started to write this post that Once and Future was a genderbent retelling of the stories behind King Arthur, a series of stories that I have always immensely loved and read a great multitude about. That alone was more than enough to get me interested in buying and reading this book, but the more I’ve looked into it the more I find that I am just desperate to read it. So much so that I’m convinced I may end up reading and reviewing this book within the next couple of days. As these posts are scheduled, there’s a real chance that I might pick this up before this post even arrives. Then again, I know I’ve found my life getting exceedingly busy on numerous occasions before and who knows what might interrupt my intentions to read it.

Once and Future involves a story in which Arthur is being reincarnated and has to team up with Merlin, the famed wizard of old who has, for reasons I can’t quite explain, been aging backward and has reached the fine old age of teenager by the time Arthur is reincarnated as Ari Helix. She pulls Excalibur from its stone once more and sets off with Merlin in an attempt to find a way to break the curse that keeps reincarnating her. Let’s just say I’m not entirely sure why this is what they’re doing, but I’m incredibly excited to find out more.

I’ve been chased my whole life. As a fugitive refugee in the territory controlled by the tyrannical Mercer corporation, I’ve always had to hide who I am. Until I found Excalibur.

Now I’m done hiding.

My name is Ari Helix. I have a magic sword, a cranky wizard, and a revolution to start.

When Ari crash-lands on Old Earth and pulls a magic sword from its ancient resting place, she is revealed to be the newest reincarnation of King Arthur. Then she meets Merlin, who has aged backward over the centuries into a teenager, and together they must break the curse that keeps Arthur coming back. Their quest? Defeat the cruel, oppressive government and bring peace and equality to all humankind.

No pressure.

So, initial feelings regarding Once and Future? Will you add this book to your TBR? Have you already read it? If so, what did you think (feel free to link reviews! I’d love to check them out!)? Do you think you’d rather not read this one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Once and Future [Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy]; 2019 YA Releases

  1. I absolutely adored this book and actually ordered a March illumicrate just so I could get the teal and gold cover 😍
    It just does so many things so well and I can’t wait for the sequel!
    Hope you enjoy it as well!


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