Well, this is a first for me.

B726FE18-AD5A-41E8-AED3-6AAA48010CACI’m generally the sort of person who believes that it’s important to experience–to a degree–for yourself before you decide to complain about something, but I think sometimes we have to step back and understand also that it is perfectly reasonable to read about other people’s experiences and develop your understanding from there. This is one of those cases. As far as The Handsome Girl and Her Beautiful Boy by B. T. Gottfred goes, it seems pretty clear to me that it won’t be a book I will be spending time on. And while I do not usually schedule time to discuss books I have no intention of reading unless there are extenuating circumstances, I felt compelled to comment on this one.

Initially, I wanted to read this book. I saw it as an opportunity for growth and development; to read a story about sexuality that is described as the synopsis describes this one is something I feel would be immeasurably important both for those who’ve not been able to see themselves in characters enough and for those who don’t understand fully by virtue of not experiencing the same things. I was excited to read it, genuinely wanting to learn something from a book like this.

But it runs into problems. Firstly, it’s not #ownvoices. And while I would not always see that as an issue, it is deeply problematic when the person writing it has a very stereotyped and lacking understanding of the type of people they are trying to write. It seems that this author has made a lot of deeply disturbing mistakes with this book and therefore I have made the decision not to read it so I can have an informed opinion about it as I don’t want to give it that tiny amount of support I would be giving if I read it. I don’t think this book deserves anyone’s time.

For a further and deeper understanding of why I made this decision, please see this review.

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