The OneI read this solely to get it off my to-read shelf, since I’m not a huge fan of removing books that I’ve added. I started to really dislike The Selection series after the first book ended. I felt the author had a lot of potential for a really brilliant book, but then she had the main character fall in love with the prince and everything more or less went downhill from there. I hate when books jump into love triangles and then completely cheapen the characters because of it, and that’s unfortunately what happened with this series.

The Epilogue was, simply put, okay. I’d long since stopped caring about the characters and it was eternally frustrating to see the ex-boyfriend perfectly content and happy with someone else and the elation over the pregnancy. I just couldn’t take it seriously. The main character lost all my respect when she just out of the blue threw away her love for the guy she’d been with originally in the first book and ultimately seeing the characters all conveniently ecstatic about their lives afterward was too much.

I’m glad to be done with this series.


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