the deceiver's heartA truth about The Deceiver’s Heart by Jennifer A. Nielsen: I didn’t read the entire synopsis. The first couple lines held a spoiler–a minor one, mind you–but enough that I didn’t want to continue reading on for fear that something important would be revealed. So, instead of reading the synopsis for this book, I read the one for the first book in the series it belongs to, The Traitor’s Game, which has actually been on my TBR for a while now. And, in truth, I think the story is a fairly predictable one. Girl gets kidnapped because her father is close to a tyrant king, a weapon is needed to find in order to kill aforementioned tyrant king, cute captor boy has his hands full with unwilling prisoner…I mean, we all know that there’s going to be a romance between them. And it’s frankly just a matter of determining whether that is worth reading or not. It’s a plot that’s been well overused, but can be written incredibly well in the right circumstances.

The thing about this book series that gets me is the fact that I’ve read other books by Jennifer A. Nielsen. The False Prince trilogy was one that I enjoyed, particularly with the plot twists involved, but it isn’t a book series that I ever found myself falling in love with. In fact, my apathy toward this series is so much that I never even finished it, having only read the first two books instead. And I don’t even know if I actually care to find out what happens in the end. And I think that has something to do with the way Nielsen writes her male characters. So, in the end, the first book of this series is on my TBR, but whether or not I like it is really going to seriously influence whether or not the sequel here ever finds its way to that list.

What are your thoughts on this book? If you’ve read it, what did you think? If you haven’t, are you looking forward to or do you think this book isn’t worth spending time on? Let me know in the comments!

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