the light princessI’ve always absolutely adored the works of George MacDonald that I’ve come across throughout my life and The Light Princess is no different. Now, initially, when I picked up this book I was, as I’m sure you can understand, under the impression that light stood for something bright and illuminating that you could see or was going to help you to see. Instead, the story follows the life of a young princess who has been cursed by her wicked aunt after having been uninvited to her niece’s birth celebration to lose all of her gravity. The young princess grows up always having to be tied down to the ground or else she would float away entirely and so, naturally, her parents set out to have her curse reversed. Almost as though the lack of gravity has taken away another form of her gravity, the light princess lives her life never taking anything seriously and, since the curse, has never once cried.

And so, it becomes the goal of the kingdom to find a way to make this young princess cry.

I’ve always thought that this story has a rather fascinating plot, a cleverly invented tale that draws some of its inspiration from Sleeping Beauty but manages to, ultimately, tell a much better story. It is a story of love and sacrifice that builds upon the idea of a person growing up. And while it is truly alright, and in its own way rather important, to have wonderfully light moments, we must also learn to take the events of the world seriously and respond accordingly. The Light Princess is a quick and wonderful read and something I am incredibly glad to have on my shelf.


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