supernovaI have to begin this by saying that I have been a thoroughly awful Marissa Meyer fan in recent months. Archenemies came out quite some time ago and I still haven’t read it. Now, my reasoning behind this has a lot more to do with not loving Renegades in the first place, which was quite thoroughly devastating, in truth, because she’s still my favorite author at the end of the day. But, I dunno, it never seemed to have the same spark that The Lunar Chronicles did and Adrian felt like a less amazing version of Emperor Kaito. Go figure. But, Meyer is still my all time favorite author whether or not I have fallen in love with her newest series and I would be remiss if I did not take several moments to let you all know that the final book in the Renegades trilogy has an official title! I’m not sure why, but I genuinely thought this had been announced before, but apparently I just imagined it. But I am excited.

And the truth is, this title reveal is a surefire way for me to understand that I need to get reading on that sequel because if the third one comes out before I’ve read the second I am going to be very annoyed and disappointed with myself. Here’s to hoping that I’ll have the book read soon and a review ready for all of you, but in the meantime, enjoy the title reveal and let all your friends know! As always, happy reading to you all!

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4 thoughts on “Supernova [Marissa Meyer] Title Reveal!

  1. I’m currently rereading the Lunar Chronicles and Omy, I will forever love those books! I have Renegades but I’m gonna wait for them all to be out as I remember reading Cinder when it first came out not realising 1. Omg cliffhanger but 2. I had to wait a YEAR for Scarlet! And it was a long year! 😉


    1. Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous! That’s amazing. 😍😍😍 I wanna meet her so bad! I hope you like Renegades. I thought it was decent but I definitely prefer The Lunar Chronicles.

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      1. Hopefully one day you’ll get to meet her. She’s very sweet! Thank you. It’s been getting such good reviews. I am excited to check it out since it’s going to be a trilogy now which is good. The Lunar Chronicles were so good


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