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Ironically, though you wouldn’t think it, finding places from books I want to visit was actually incredibly difficult. As you read, I’m sure there are millions of times when you think that you’d 100% want to visit a place, to be there and experience that world. But at the same time, a lot of the books I read, at least, are set in places that are dangerous. And I just…don’t know how I feel about visiting those no matter how cool they sound. Even so, I managed to narrow it down to a worthy list.

10. Olympus

Okay, so I think this was really me running out of ideas because there are definitely facets to Olympus that I want nothing to do with, namely the rather abhorrent treatment of women and the problematic issues revolving around sex that come up. But, if it were just a matter of visiting Olympus and experiencing the serene relaxation of it, then I’d definitely be all for taking a trip there at some point.

9. Alagaësia

This one almost didn’t make the list largely due to the fact that I don’t know if I care to experience a lot of the things in this world. There are a few pieces, namely the dragons, that would be really cool to experience but if I were to visit the likelihood of that would be incredibly small. But, if I were to visit and I was able to visit the forest of the elves, then perhaps it would be worth taking a vacation there. Plus, there’s magic.

8. Beast’s Castle

I have one word for why I desperately want to visit Beast’s Castle: Library. Now, I know this really falls more into the Disney version than the initial story but I tend to picture it more like that than it was in the story. And with all the retellings and imaginings that have appeared in novels, I think the library has become a rather almost universal piece to it. And I love that library. I want that library. I need that library. Also, the magical aspect of it all is really fascinating, so there’s that too. But mainly, it’s the library.

7. Berk

I would love to be able to visit Berk and meet all the fascinatingly amazing dragons there. And potentially, I’d love to have a dragon of my own. Hopefully one of the cuter ones, of course, cause some of those dragons looked absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been in love with How to Train Your Dragon for a long, long time and while I’ll always say that the movie was better than the book–shame, I know–there’s still something wonderfully magic about it that I always want to be part of.

6. The Nine Kingdoms

I imagine most of you probably have no idea what this place is and you’ll need to either read the book The 10th Kingdom or watch the 10 hour movie (tv mini series) to fully understand. But basically imagine that all the fairytales are true and they were merely in another land that you could access via a portal through a magic mirror.

5. Narnia

Who wouldn’t want to visit Narnia? All the adventures had there sound amazing and then there’s Aslan and all the other talking animals. I mean, really, Narnia’s about as cool as you can get. I love, love, love so much to do with this world and while I don’t imagine I’d want to live there–though I suppose if animals crowned me Queen of a land I might reconsider–but I’d definitely appreciate being able to visit.

4. Krystallgrad

This is the confectionery, candy filled, snow world of The Enchanted Sonata, the Nutcracker retelling that I’ve been raving about since October. And I desperately would love to go there. I’d love to visit the candy emporium and taste the amazing concoctions they put together. I’d love to visit that orchestra house. I don’t know about you, but to me Krystallgrad sounds like dreams come true in the most literal sense of childhood, nostalgia, and dreams.

3. Artemesia

This one almost didn’t even make this list, ironically enough. As much as I love The Lunar Chronicles and though it is my all time favorite book series, I find that the depressing aspects of Artemesia make me less likely to have any desire to visit. It doesn’t seem like a fantastic place when you really take into consideration everything involved. And that lake? Ugh, nope. I couldn’t go near a lake full of dead bodies. I’m cringing just thinking about it. But, a moon society is a really cool idea and, if that sort of space travel is ever possible, I’d definitely want to experience it.

2. Hogwarts

I feel like this place is going to be on a lot of people’s lists. And really, if Hogwarts was truly a real place it would be absolutely incredible to visit. I think anything that really involves magic sort of builds that idea in you that you just need to be a part of it. And I guess, where reality can often be incredibly disappointing, you get a lot less of that when you’re in a situation where magic is involved.

1. Neverland

Honestly, if Neverland hadn’t been on here I would have been incredibly disappointed with myself. I just love the idea of this magical place and, while I’m at times terrified of flight, I would love to experience flying like that. Plus, Peter carrying Wendy around is just so cute. I know there’s a fair amount of danger here, but due to the nature of the world I feel like it’s definitely fairly easy to avoid it. Plus, you don’t age here so you have all the time in the world to get everything you want done finished, which is something that I’m desperate for.

And that’s everything for this week. I imagine, if I’d put a bit more thought into it I might have been able to find something more than this (and perhaps better) that I’d like to visit, but for now I think I like it. The only thing I’d really want to include, but can’t because I’m terrified of sharks, is Atlantica. So…you know. Maybe if sharks didn’t exist?

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