35412486I’m really not even the slightest bit sure what’s going on in this cover, if it genuinely has something to do with the book or if it was just somewhat cool and matched enough, but I do like it a lot. And the funny thing about this book cover is that you can tell by looking at it that the cover artist didn’t really have to do a whole lot to get this effect. The general picture in the background of the couple, one clearly dressed quite a bit better than the other, and a weapon included for who knows what reason is easy to pull out. They’re laying in the grass and you can just tell. And then there’s an overlay of some green lights and vines and, aside from the text, not much else at all.

So, while I genuinely don’t think that an excessive amount of work went into this cover, I can’t help but appreciate some of the really beautiful pieces of it. I really like the way that the couple were framed, the green of the background, and the actual brilliance of the book’s title placement and font. I even, ironically enough, don’t mind the text at the bottom which is kind of hilarious because that sort of thing usually annoys me. But something about it works with this cover.

I do actually expect that this wont be one of the most beloved covers I’ve featured thus far, largely due to the fact that it’s pretty simple. I don’t even like simple covers much. But for me, this cover really works. I couldn’t tell you precisely why that is, though. I just really like it. What do you think of this cover? Is it one you find too simple? Or do you enjoy looking at it? Let me know in the comment!

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