YouI always meant to write a review for this book, but somehow it ended up falling off my radar. Go figure. The thing is, I read this book in the summer of 2016 and I was left shook by the time I finished it. I was utterly thrown by how brilliantly the author had written this character, someone so deeply unhinged and psychotic that he was able to completely justify each and every horrific action he took. And I was disgusted, destroyed by my own fascination with the novel. You know how some books just emotionally exhaust you? This was one of them. And you leave it wondering if your view of the world is real, almost as though you’re suddenly in a fog that was created entirely because of this book that you just finished. And at the same time, you’re unsure how to proceed, how to continue living your life when you became so immersed in the disturbing mess that was You by Caroline Kepnes. I’ve never read a book that messed with me so deeply before I read this novel.

And I’m sure you can all guess why I’m discussing it now. I just finished watching the series on Netflix. And, fascinatingly, it left me with the same exact feeling…but intensified. It’s such a rough feeling and I’m honestly left with this strange disconnect to the world. But damn, it was fascinating. And despite the fact that I never got around to finishing my review for the novel, the extent of which was a quick jumble of sentences indicating I would write more later, I just had to comment on this feeling right now. I can guarantee that I probably will not be watching season two and that I have no intention of ever reading the second book. I’m not the sort of person who loves and seeks out thrillers, I’ve always hated the horror genre. And You was more than enough for me.

And so I will leave you all with my initial thoughts on this book the very day that I finished it, nearly three years ago: Fascinatingly disturbing and yet somehow poetic…I am so torn between being exceedingly impressed and horrendously disgusted. And honestly, I implore all of you to check it out on Goodreads if you have the chance.

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