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Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. This has got to be my favorite TTT in existence and I’m sure you all know that there’s one that comes to mind immediately that I have this horrible habit of getting excessively excited about. Ships are honestly one of my all time favorite things about novels and can often make or break a novel depending on how much I like the characters and the pairing. And so here are my top ten favorite ships of all time.

10. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

Honestly, I cannot fathom why people decide so often to ship Hermione with other people. Even J. K. Rowling’s commentary on Ron and Hermione together irritates me so damn much. And it’s so frustrating that people can’t have two characters together who are genuinely just friends (-cough- Harry and Hermione -cough-) without shipping them together. For once I want to see characters where everyone can just step back and say, they’re really good friends and no, they don’t need to be shipped together because not everyone needs to be a couple.

9. Etta and Nicholas

I adore Etta and Nicholas. Their story is so wonderful and exciting in so many ways. I grew exceedingly attached to these characters throughout the course of their two novels and, I have to admit, I just about cried when the series ended, picturing the events and the concert hall. There’s a lot of adventure tied to their love story, but it is one that I cannot help deeply appreciating.

8. Maid Marian and Robin Hood

Who in their right mind doesn’t ship Marian and Robin? Though, I guess…a hint, this is why I had massive problems with Sherwood by Meagan Spooner. At least, part of it. The other part has to do with an incessant need people have for there to be a couple where it is thoroughly unnecessary (and unwanted, for me). But, regardless, Robin and Marian are a couple for the ages and one that has been written again and again in all kinds of variations. And I love them so much. They’re the sort of couple who have immortalized themselves in my heart to the point that certain variations of them really annoy and upset me when it doesn’t match how I feel it should.

7. Deryn Sharp and Prince Aleksander

I adore these two. And while they’re not actually an official couple for reasons that you’ll have to read the books to find out, Alek and Deryn were a slow burn that was so much fun. It’s a cute little story that doesn’t really focus too much on any sort of romance, but it’s still there because this is a way in which people connect no matter what they’re going through, whether it’s times of hardship and war or fun and adventure.

6. Linh Cinder and Emperor Kaito

You’d think, with my love for The Lunar Chronicles, that Cinder and Kai would be higher on my list. Well, they were never my focal couple in this series. As much as I love and adore them (they’re still top ten, you guys!), I’ve definitely felt attached to other ships more than the two of them. But I definitely still love them, definitely find aspects of their relationship incredibly wonderful, and I was one hundred percent screaming at the end of the new short story that appeared in Stars Above.

5. Wendy Darling and Peter Pan

This is the couple that breaks my heart, puts it together, and breaks it again. Rinse. Repeat. And only because I keep subjecting myself to the heartbreak of their story and truths. I actually get pretty annoyed with books that put Wendy and Peter together with a happy ending, because that’s just not what their story was. They were never meant to have a happy ending because Peter was unable to grow up, unable to develop himself in a way that would allow him to be part of a romantic relationship. And Wendy was unable to let go of her love, unable to cease growing. They were always meant to be doomed. And yet, despite all that, they truly did and do love each other. Wendy and Peter are the epitome of the first love, the one that is always going to break your heart, and the one that you will always love and remember fondly.

4. Kestrel and Arin

There’s a lot to unpack from the story of Kestrel and Arin. An owner and a slave at first, always fighting between the roles of enemy and lover. And with good reason, really. They come from two different worlds, are bound to completely different people for various reasons. Theirs was always going to be an uphill battle. And yet, through it all, they loved each other dearly. They both gave up quite a lot for the other, but they also both gave up a lot for their families and heritage. I don’t think I’m doing an amazing job of describing their epic love, but trust me when I say that this is one you all need to read.

3. Em and Finn

Oh my gosh, Em and Finn make me just tear up instantly, crawl into bed, and cry. And I can’t tell you why because it is such an incredibly huge spoiler for All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. They are such a wonderful pairing, brought together largely by circumstance–which is why I will likely always feel weird about the ending despite being massively impressed and in love with it–and in love the way only friends connecting in hard times can be. And I adore them for it. So much.

2. Winry Rockbell and Edward Elric

Okay, okay…I fell in love with them because of the anime. But it’s a manga, too, and I’ve read that so it counts. I adore Ed simply by virtue of how amazing he is all by himself, but his relationship with Winry is just so gorgeously adorable. And of course he could never, ever be with anyone else no matter how many people he met. I don’t know who’s read the manga or watched Brotherhood, but that photo at the end…well, it’s the most wonderful photo in the world and I cry.

cresswell1. Crescent Darnell and Carswell Thorne

And, last but certainly not least, my all time favorite ship for the rest of forever and the most wonderful couple in literary existence is Cress and Thorne. There will never be a time when I stop shipping these two, stop loving them with all my heart. They are one of the top reasons why I reread this series so often. I’ve always loved Carswell, from the very first moment that he ended up on the page in Scarlet. Cress has always reminded me immensely of myself. And so, it’s really no wonder that these two mean the world to me. Also, props to ARZ28 (arz28art @ tumblr) for the gorgeous artwork. She’s got a shop (with more lunar artwork [Scarlet and Wolf, Winter and Jacin, Cinder and Kai!] among others) that I would highly suggest checking out. I’m tempted to buy something myself, honestly.

And that’s all for this round! What’s your #1 favorite ship of all time? I assume they ended up on your TTT, so link it below for me and I’ll check it out when I have time! As always, happy reading everyone!

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