only a breath apartWow, I was not expecting there to be such a rough plot to this novel. Only a Breath Apart by Katie McGarry looks like the sort of book that is going to be some massively sappy teen romance novel like a great many of the others that share covers with these sort of scenes. Also, the cover has this ridiculously absurd quote in the corner about defying destiny, whatever that means, which does not at all, even a little bit, match the book’s synopsis. Reading the blurb was genuinely shocking to me, especially when comparing it with the cover. If you’re looking for a cutesy, sappy, contemporary love story Only a Breath Away is probably not the book that you’re going to want to pick up. As for me, I think I’m definitely going to have to read and find out what happens throughout the course of the novel.

I’ll go ahead and assume that this book has a happy ending, because why wouldn’t it? But the basic gist of the rather dark piece that I was not expecting to come from this book is the fact that the love interest’s father is abusing her. Presumably this is coming in the form of beatings and mental abuse, but the summary didn’t really make it clear what sort of abuse she is suffering from. I somewhat resent the fact that part of the drama comes from the fact that the girl’s father is also in charge of the main character’s inheritance and whether or not he actually gets it simply because it’s kind of sad that someone would feel conflicted when a person they care about is being subjected to abuse of any kind.

It’s definitely a book that needs a trigger warning.

This book is definitely going to find a place on my TBR. I’m really curious to see how the author unpacks this particular subject. How about you? Do you think you’ll be reading this one? Are you going to pass it up? Let me know in the comments!

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