beyond the bright seaMy absolute favorite thing about the cover art for Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk is how the ocean shimmers in a way that looks as though a large leaf has been lain across its gently moving surface. I’ve always been rather partial to the oceanic scenes on book covers, so this definitely isn’t the first water-filled cover that has found its way into a cover love Friday post of mine. There just seems to be something about it that immediately captures your attention, especially when the artist has done such a brilliant job of catching each swell of the waves in a way that keeps your eyes completely captivated and entranced. This one is pretty exceptional in my opinion, and while there may not be giant swells of waves cascading themselves upon the front page as some covers do, the ripples in the water are very intricately drawn and meld in with the sun’s leaf reflection incredibly well.

The sunset manages a brilliant orange and pink against the blue of the ocean and sky and while I won’t say that the sea matches the “bright” that is promised in the title, it definitely is quite pleasing to look at. Naturally, a sailboat floats atop the water just in front of the sun–for where else would we put it?–giving off an air of adventure and excitement. We don’t know what is beyond the bright sea, but we know it is something and we know it is exciting and we know that it is going to bring great adventure. It’s not the most gorgeous cover I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely one worth appreciating.

The text placement and coloring is done well, especially that of the title. While the name isn’t the greatest and that little addition at the top about the other works the author has written, it still works well with the rest of the cover and doesn’t exist as a way to deter your attention or be an eye-sore on an otherwise gorgeous cover. I really love this cover and hope some of you do as well.

What do you think of this particular cover? Do you find it as entrancing as I do? Do you think it’s a little plain? Let me know in the comments! And, as always, happy reading!

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