36354013I’ve always loved this cover. In fact, the artwork of this book is one of the reasons I wanted a copy of it myself in the first place. I mean, how could you not fall in love with this cover? Wonderfully, this is also a book that credits the cover artist–though primarily due to the fact that the book is also full of the illustrations. Honestly, I feel so much deep respect and appreciation for books that credit the illustrators as well as the authors. They’re some of the best.

The thing I love most about this cover is its center focus, the young girl and her clockwerk friend. And it looks as though she’s teaching him either to read or showing him something in a book which, understandably, makes me exceedingly excited and giddy. There are a few figures in the background and I can’t figure out if they’re more of Willa’s works or if they’re other people in her life. Either way, they’re all really cool to look at.

The messy workshop is gorgeous and really gives you an insight into the characters, Willa in particular, before you even meet them which I love so much. It’s always wonderful when a book cover gives you some insight into a character, the way they live and act. You feel like you might know a little bit about them before you even have a chance to pick up the book. And that’s beautiful.

This book has a great number of really wonderful illustrations peppered in throughout it that are 100% getting the book for. You can really enjoy a lot about a book when there are illustrations to go along with it. I will always love my novels more–the reason why I never really converted to be the sort of person who only read comic books–but I am honestly so thrilled whenever I notice pictures in them.

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