giraffe asks for helpGiraffe Asks for Help by Nyasha M. Chikowore is an incredibly cute little kids novel that centers around a young giraffe who has just had his sixth birthday and is looking forward to finally being able to reach some of the best leaves all by himself. But, as he goes on to get some of the leaves, it turns out that he’s still just a bit too short to reach the leaves completely on his own. And so the story follows Gary Giraffe as he works through various creative ideas in attempts to reach the high and yummy leaves on the tree, failing each time until he grows incredibly upset.

And then the other animals of the savannah gather together to teach Gary the importance of asking for help, removing some of the stigma attached with not being able to accomplish something on one’s own. Giraffe Asks for Help is a brilliant book that promotes the idea of knowing and being comfortable asking for help when it’s needed. A lot of kids are excited to do things on their own when they reach a certain age, but they should always be aware that they have the ability to ask for help and that it’s not a bad thing to do so.

With utterly adorable artwork and a wonderful message, the book tells a great story that I would recommend to every kid out there. I loved how Gary was creative in his attempts at problem solving, but he was still able to turn to his animal friends and get the help he needed in the process. I think that this is a message a lot of kids will benefit from and it’s definitely a book that I would recommend to young kids.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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