all aboard the voyage of discoveryAll Aboard the Voyage of Discovery by Emily Hawkins and Tom Adams is an amazingly fun and interesting book with a wonderful amount of educational information and even includes a wonderfully intriguing mystery that you have to use skills and knowledge to uncover while you navigate your way through the book and all of the fascinating pieces of history that it sets about teaching you.

I loved reading this book and adored the little pieces of history from the greatest inventions ever made, the progression of science and writing, and geography. The mystery was fun, though not exceptional–merely imagining yourself looking for a film strip that someone had lost–and it was admittedly mildly confusing at times. Overall the entire book was greatly engaging and a lot of fun to spend some time with. I could definitely see myself buying it for a lot of kids I know as it is quite a bit more educational than most books and I deeply appreciated that aspect of it.

I would definitely suggest this book for older kids or young teenagers. It’s a wonderful read that opens up one’s eyes to a lot of really important discoveries, creations, and progress that occurred in the past while simultaneously working to help readers really think and learn, something I find quite wonderful.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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