As a bookblogger and, more importantly, as someone who has loved books her entire life, I think the one thing that has always been difficult for me is finding the best books. And when you’re thinking about finding the best books, you need to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of what books have been published, particularly those in the genre or category that you read the most. For me, something that has helped immensely is to figure out which young adult (YA) books are coming out because, by and large, those are the books I read the most.

Thus began my 2019 YA Releases post series in which I post a commentary about a newly released book each day of the year. And as I continue to post about each of these books, I’ve decided to begin a comprehensive list so that everyone else has the ability to take a look at each of these YA books coming out this year. This page is a WIP and will likely continue to be for a while, but hopefully, some of you will find it to be useful.


The Me I Meant to Be [Sophie Jordan] — Published January 1st — Goodreads
The Similars [Rebecca Hanover] — Published January 1st — Goodreads
The Wicked King [Holly Black] — Published January 8th — Goodreads
When the Truth Unravels [Ruthanne Snow] — Published January 8th — Goodreads
Undying [Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner] — Published January 22nd — Goodreads