mechanicaDespite genuinely disliking this book immensely, I imagine I will always really love this cover. Though the story wasn’t exceptional and the main characters were actually rather annoying, I deeply appreciated looking at the masterful set up that was chosen for the cover. Naturally, there’s no surprise that I utterly adore the cogs on the tree. It’s one of the coolest steampunk related covers I’ve ever seen, but unfortunately, it doesn’t really transfer over into the novel. There aren’t any mechanical trees that I recall.

I adore the colors, though, especially in relation to the moon and even the bright gold of the title. Everything in this cover works really well, blending with each other from the bright focus of the girl on the front to the castle off in the distance. You can’t exactly tell from the cover, but the dragonfly-looking creatures are actually mechanical inventions within the story. Which leads me to the main fact that I don’t think the cover really gives you a good idea for what the book will be about, but almost misleads you into imagining something way cooler.

Definitely one of those books that I’d want to get solely for the cover–it’d be nice to see on your shelf every day–I can definitely say this one deserves a lot of appreciation for how amazing it looks. So, what do you think of the cover? Love it? Hate it? Think it’s somewhat mediocre? Let me know in the comments!

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