to the best boysIt’s been a long while since I’ve done one of these, actually. In fact, I don’t often do them because I have a tendency to read through a book faster than I can write an update for them. For this one, though, I’m making an exception for two reasons. The first is that this book is utterly fantastic and may very well end up being the best book I’ve read all year–of course, I say that with the emotion of a reader who is really falling in love with the book she’s currently reading so my opinion on the matter may change depending on how the book ends and my re-evaluation of the year as a whole. The second is that it’s taking me longer than usual to read it.

As for my first reason, I basically just wanted to take a minute to shout to you all about how brilliant Mary Weber’s To Best the Boys is. I have been blown away from page one and continue to be blown away still. I don’t know how Weber did it, but she’s got some fantastic characters and one of the most exceptional and exciting worlds I’ve ever seen in a novel. And the fact that she’s managed to blend together so many different pieces is nothing short of majorly impressive. Believe me when I say that this book is pretty much a masterpiece.

My second reason, the fact that I’ve been slowly reading it simply lies in the fact that I’ve been busy. There’s a lot going on in my life lately from my job to my puppy to other adulting things that I just can’t believe I’m at a point in my life to think about. But then again, I am almost twenty-six–I have no idea how that happened, by the way–and there are just certain milestones that we hit eventually, I suppose.

But I hope to finish this book before the year ends, set some time aside to at least complete this one book because I need to be able to rave about it on my top ten books of the year come January 1st, which ironically is a Tuesday, so I hope you’ve all started setting up your Top Ten post for that. But please do check this book out when it comes out in March next year, you guys. It’s so friggin’ good.

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