who are you calling weirdI’m always a little bit thrown when a children’s book has a lot of text in it. And I think it’s more that I don’t expect it than that I have any issues with extensive writing, but at the same time I can tell instantaneously that books like this really just don’t work well for the young children I typically picture when I pick up a children’s book. I’ll be honest, I could never in a million years see my four-year-old niece sitting long enough for me to read this to her, let alone to care enough about the rather advanced language in it.

Who Are You Calling Weird? by Marilyn Singer has a really important message about things we find strange within the world, one that tells young kids that there is always something wonderful about each creature regardless of how subjectively strange they may seem. And I think that’s a great thing to learn at a young age, especially in the context of comparing ourselves and understanding that a little weirdness in ourselves is still a good thing and we can appreciate it in everyone.

The artwork in this book is phenomenal and definitely eye-catching. I do think the age range for this book is hard to pin down because it’s not for young kids but it’s also not for older ones. I think I’d cut it off at puberty years, to be honest, and perhaps give this sort of book to an eight-year-old. Which, depending on the eight-year-old, this book could be perfect for them. It’s a good book in the long run, just not what I expected.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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