End of year goals, I’m sure we all have them. For some of us, this might be the books we want to read–I’ve just finished my short list of them and I honestly don’t think I’ll manage to get to them all–and for others it might be job-related. And then there are also all our bloggers out there who may or may not be invested in their blog stats. I’ll admit, I am to a certain degree because I like to see how I can improve upon things and make this blog more successful than it already is.

And my big goal for the end of the year is a full 20,000 views for 2018. I think, ultimately, the best way to achieve this is to post…often. So far that has been going well as I’ve been able to schedule a bunch of posts for the month of December and will still have all the reviews that I’ve been writing to add to that as well.

My blog is currently at 16,398 views, which means I need about 3,602 views before the year is up. Now, last month I managed to get nearly 4,000 views which was a big record breaker for me since prior to that the most I’d ever had was about 2,200. Since we’re not even finished with the first week of December and if I keep up with the trajectory I’ve currently been going at, I think it might really be possible to reach my goal.

And so, I wanted to open this up to all of my followers by asking what your view goal is for the end of the year to see if we can all band together to really engage with each other and help everyone reach their own goals! Write a blog post detailing your hopeful goal for views by the end of the year and add the link below so others can visit! I’ll try and boost you all as much as I can in the coming weeks, as well.

Since the linking feature I wanted to use isn’t available for some reason, leave a link to your post in the comments and I’ll add them in myself.


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3 thoughts on “What Are Your Blogging Goals for the End of the Year?

  1. You know what my goal is… to just keep blogging 🙂 because I’m on a slippery slope now. I’d love to somehow resuscitate my blog, but it’s been going more and more silent. I know I want to keep blogging, but I’m struggling to find the right format for myself now. I hope I do in 2019 🙂


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