The unfortunate thing about Destiny by Jaccover109790-mediumkie Smith is that it’s just massively boring. The story follows the fairly average lives of a young writer and an artist. Nothing about the two characters really stood out in any real way and they were more annoying in their averageness than anything else. Elizabeth was alright until a traumatic event that left her personality to become one of constant lashing out. Powell was portrayed as sweet and loving, but his internal thoughts about Elizabeth often made me want to gag.

The whole story felt very cliche at times, following a serendipitous plotline where the main characters meet at various points in their lifetime and it’s never the right time for them to be in love until it is. I think the idea had a lot of potential, but fell apart in numerous places.

The worst piece of this novel was it’s pacing which offered far too many time jumps and left the reader feeling as though they were simply getting a summary of the two characters’ lives. I frankly hate summaries and have never once believed they make good books. Naturally, a giant summary of two people’s lives is bound to get dull quite often. Smith also had a very hard time setting her story, leaving gigantic inconsistencies in the time period. From the lack of washing machine (it hadn’t been invented yet) to the fact that only a short time later Powell was buying a car with a cassette player and about a year later, Elizabeth had a cell phone….nothing really adds up. These inconsistencies ultimately made the book even worse.

Destiny held great potential, but I just don’t think the execution was good enough.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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