william-goldmanI learned something about a week ago and meant to write a post about it, but life is as life does and I haven’t been able to adequately put into words how devastated I am about the death of William Goldman. The screenwriter behind the brilliance and beauty of the grandfather and grandson portion of The Princess Bride, who abridged the original book and brought it out into the world in a way that millions would enjoy for decades to come is gone.

Now, The Princess Bride is obviously not the only amazing work that Goldman has been involved in. He also wrote the screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which, I believe, to this day still holds the record as the most expensive screenplay ever sold. But the thing is, The Princess Bride is what I know Goldman from, where I felt the connection. This was an amazing man with a desire to share a story he loved with the world and I think we would be a little darker without him.

princessbrideThere are a lot of emotions for me about this loss and I don’t know how to properly express what his contribution to the world of stories has done for me and my childhood. It kind of breaks your heart, in that small way. Funnily enough, I think of Goldman and it reminds me of the character of Arthur from The Holiday and so in its own weird way, whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, I can turn to those two films.

When all is said and done, though, I will dearly miss this man and am grateful for his contribution to the world.

And for all my writer friends out there, this quote of his made me smile:

“Someone pointed out to me that the most sympathetic characters in my books always died miserably. I didn’t consciously know I was doing that. I didn’t. I mean, I didn’t wake up each morning and think, today I think I’ll make a really terrific guy so I can kill him.”

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