booktreeI told my coworkers yesterday that I am very much the type to scorn bringing Christmas on too early–namely, by this I mean I don’t approve of Christmas until Thanksgiving has ended, even though I’m not really a fan of Thanksgiving anyway–but that once December 1st rolls around, all bets are off. And I demonstrated that a bit today with a massive amount of Christmas music this morning.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend and roommate were not fans.

I dunno what it is that left them all jaded about the Christmas season, but I have to say that this definitely is my Holiday. I’ve always loved it, for one, and while I am not always the most pushy on decorations–though I’d like to be at some point–I did make a book tree once. I’ll admit, it wasn’t the best. But, needless to say, it was time for some damn Christmas music already. I’d been waiting since October! So, even in spite of their whining that I need to turn off the music, I’m not letting them damper the wonderfulness that is December and Christmas–this is literally the only good thing about Winter, in my opinion.

the enchanted sonataSo, of course, I took some time tonight to read what is now just about my favorite Christmas book, The Enchanted Sonata. I’d put it aside so that I could catch up on some of my NetGalley titles–I’m pretty sure I’m fairly close to getting that 80% badge!–but as it’s December first, I really do think it’s about time to pick up one of those Christmas-y books to read for a bit, to pull out all the old Christmas movies I watch every year. And yes, to my slight shame, Barbie and the Nutcracker is on that list. But so is The Ultimate Gift, Holiday in Handcuffs, The Holiday, and a few other wonderful movies. Yes, there are also a lot of cheesy ones on that list.

Speaking of Christmas movies, though, who’s seen The Princess Switch? It is, admittedly, a rather dumb and ridiculous corny af film that I guiltily watched the other night but cheesy me did enjoy watching it. I’m just glad I can recognize how ridiculous some of it was. I think, as I’ve gotten older, the books and movies that I would have loved as a kid just get a little bit of a nostalgia pass when I watch them or something.

Also, I’m curling up with hot chocolate soon because frankly, it’s just an absolute must around this time of year. I’m actually a little annoyed with myself for not having any right now. How is your December 1st going? Do you have a Christmas-y read that you’re curling up with? Let me know in the comments! Maybe I’ll add it to my Christmas TBR!

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