So, here’s a new concept I’d never really considered before: to be reviewed organization that I won’t regularly forget about. And you’d think that sounds like a given, I mean, how hard is it to forget that I have such and such reviews to finish? Well, when you read as many books as I do, as quickly as I do, if you don’t review them right away you almost might as well forget it.

And I’ve used several methods in an attempt to circumvent my habit of putting them off–thank the skies for Goodreads, otherwise I’d have completely lost count–from lists in my phone to lists in a notebook. I’ve set up documents on my iPad for each review to be written and I’ve written them on sticky notes. But I always, without fail, end up forgetting about them.

I leave the notebook behind when I needed it, the note in my phone was lost among all the others, I don’t have my iPad with me all the time. I won’t even get started on the sticky note situation that was perhaps the biggest disaster of all.

But I think, miraculously, I’ve figured out a way to finally manage the reviews I need to write in a way that will actually influence me to complete them. You see, a place I regularly visit as a result of the effort I’m putting in to keep this blog active is my drafts folder. And so it stands to reason that, if I add each of the books I’ve finished to my drafts folder here on WordPress by titling the post for the review, I’ll see it more often and eventually be more likely to complete it.

I’m not sure if it’ll entirely resolve the issue of my tendency to put things off, but I feel as though it will at least improve the rate at which I put out reviews. And, truthfully, I feel pretty pleased with the fact that I came up with this as an idea.

And now I want to open it up to you. If you’re a book blogger, what do you do to ensure that you finish writing reviews for all the books you read? Is that something you’ve ever managed to accomplish? What tips do you have? I’m curious because I still haven’t figured it all out. Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “To Be Reviewed and Organization

  1. hehe I relate to this too- I also take ages to review. I guess for me what works is having a vague plan for my blog (although I do shift around posts quite a bit) that way I don’t fall behind too much. Hope that helps!


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