cover153457-mediumSlay Bells by T. C. Wescott is not the sort of book I would ever bother myself to read unless I was repeatedly encouraged by a friend. I’m not a fan of mystery or thriller focused novels and you can basically tell from the title of this particular one that it’s likely going to involve some sort of murder. Of course, I’d be remiss if I did not admit that the very title is the one thing that actually made me consider picking this book up for a read.

Firstly, I love Christmas. Wintery themed novels that have a tie-in with this holiday are often going to receive a second glance from me. Of course, since these books often involve religion—I gag—or romance—I gag a little less—I tend to not read a great many of them. I don’t see the point in wasting time with books I’m fairly certain I wont enjoy. But this one, due to it’s wondrously clever title and actually quite gorgeous cover, nearly changed my mind.

I love the snow covered trees, the whimsy of the small creatures and the darling Christmas lights. The magnifying glass on the house and the clever, euphemistic title are a brilliant inclusion and placed so magnificently that I couldn’t help adding this book here to my list of cover appreciations. So, while I may not be the intended audience and while I imagine the book is not one I would have a lot of fun with, there are pieces of it that I think are truly great.

It’s available as a Read Now on NetGalley if you’re interested. And if you do end up reading it, send me a link to your review because I’d love to hear about the story itself! You can comment below, DM me on Twitter, or even e-mail me. Whichever form of contact you prefer. Heck, I’d even be willing to feature your review here if you do!

As always, I wish you all happy reading! Enjoy your Black Friday!


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2 thoughts on “Slay Bells [T. C. Wescott] Cover Love Friday!

  1. “Slay Bells by T. C. Wescott is not the sort of book I would ever bother myself to read unless I was repeatedly encouraged by a friend” — ha ha ha. Wonderful start.


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