TigerliljaThe story of Peter Pan as he is from The Wendy really left him presented as a strange enigma, one you couldn’t wait to find out. And the truth of the matter is that his origin story and the explanation behind his existence, his behavior, and how he came to be was always something I found myself both excited to learn and terrified of being disappointed with. Ironically, when I picked up Tigerlilja by Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown—a companion novella to the first book in the series—I hadn’t imagined that it would immerse me into the world of Peter’s origin. My fears, it seems, were thoroughly unfounded as this book, while expectedly short, was fantastic.

The novella starts with Peter, as it should since now I cannot imagine a better way for it to have begun. Though the story and it’s connectedness to other myths and legends is not one that I expected and was admittedly somewhat weary of at first, I quickly came to love the path the authors had taken. It produced a barrage of emotions within me, eventually breaking my heart in quite a beautiful and unexpected way.

And then, of course, we meet Tigerlilja. From the start, she is a fascinating character. It does not take long for her to find a place in your heart, winning you over with fierceness and compassion. While I do not love her more than I love Wendy from the first novel, I definitely developed a deep appreciation for the character and can’t wait—hopefully—to see her again in the sequel to The Wendy should she arise. Frankly, I can’t think of any reason why she wouldn’t…but just so.

The novella is short, understandably, and we reach the climax quickly. But despite it’s shortness, you are not left feeling as though you did not get enough even if you do wish immediately for more. It’s well written, exciting, and definitely leaves you with closure once you reach the end. For a great many reasons, I really love this story and I would certainly recommend it to just about everyone I know, especially if they love Peter Pan as much as I do.


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