How do you read books?

This is one of those wonderfully fascinating questions that just shows how differently everyone can be. Me? I read somewhere on the order of 7 to 10 books at a time. They’re always across different platforms: one a physical book, another an e-book, and another still an audiobook. And of course then there are multiple.

There is, for example, the audiobook I listen to at night as I’m falling asleep. Then there’s the one for when I’m cleaning or in the shower.

And then I have the book that sits in my purse so I always have it wherever I am–I usually am not especially concerned with keeping this one in great shape–and the one that sits on the floor by my bed for some light nighttime reading. There’s the one by the couch that I read sparingly, if only because the puppy makes it difficult to sit and read for long periods of time.

Of course, there are the ARCs, one freshly pulled from the ever growing pile on my shelf. And then there’s that book, usually on my desk or by my bed, that I just haven’t been able to get into and so I just pick it up every once in a while to give it yet another shot only to end up putting it down the moment the boredom or frustration is too overwhelming.

And then there are the e-books, which can sometimes include that boring book I’ve set aside one too many times and should probably just DNF at this point but can’t quite bring myself to do. There are the NetGalley downloads, easy enough to start and switch between because I’m desperate to read the best of all my requests. There’s the ARC I started to increase my ratio and then the one that I was finally approved for and actually had really desperately wanted to read. To be fair, those don’t stay on my currently reading list for long, but there’s always a new one coming.

I have books for Nook, iBooks, and Kindle and I typically read one from each at any given moment. I read during my breaks at work, during my walks to and from work, during drives with my boyfriend and roommate somewhere, at home, and outside. The only time I don’t really read is when my dog needs attention, but every now and then I throw on my shower audiobook while I run around with him and throw his ball–though that can sometimes be a recipe for missing things and I have to rewind several times.

There are so many ways to read and, if you’re dedicated enough, I’m sure you can find them. This has tended to be my process for the past few years, though the interrupting puppy is fairly new. I get a lot of people who ask me how I can read so many books at once without mixing them all up and to tell you the truth I’ve never really had a true developed answer because I don’t think it’s anything I do. I’m just able to keep them separate in my mind and it takes mere seconds upon opening a book to recall what story I’m reading and what my connection is to the characters.

I suppose I’m lucky to have that ability, but I also think just spending a great deal of your time reading can foster it in yourself. The more you read, the better you are at it. The better you are at a lot of things, really.

It’s Saturday and somehow time always seems to get away from me on the weekends, but look out for a blogger support review feature later today! I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday. Happy reading!

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6 thoughts on “How Do You Read Books?

  1. I don’t read quite as many books at once as you, but I also always have a book ready to go in all the different formats. I never want to be stuck in a situation where I have downtime and there’s nothing to read lol.


  2. Wow, that’s awesome!! It sounds like me in elementary or middle school: I always went to the library at least once a week to get a towering stack of books to read all at once. After that, I realized I couldn’t do it anymore, so then I usually stuck to one or two books. All of them were usually physical books.

    But now I’m slooooowly starting to read more books at the same time. I’m pretty comfortable with four right now, a mix of physical and audiobooks, and I think I’ll keep at that, lol.


  3. Lucky!! I definitely can’t read that many books at once. The only way I can is if they are in different formats like one audio book and one physical book.


  4. Like you I have several books open at a time. I have my commute book, my nighttime book, my “I’m going to knit or crochet something and I want to read” book, the podcast I listen to while doing chores, my “I’m waiting in the car with the dog” book. I’m not super big on audiobooks, but the Night Vale podcast is perfect for when I do some cleaning around the house. Makes things more interesting. If I were to listen to anything while I’m playing with the dog I would be promptly punished by my canine friend, and since he’s big and mean with his human sister, I tend to give him my full attention lol. Great post!


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