cover148405-mediumHad this been the sort of poetry I came across in any other random book, I might not have liked One Too Many Lies by L. A. Bowen. I can tend to be pretty picky with my poetry, which shows in the fact that there are very few compilations that I enjoy. Bowen accomplished something impressive with her collection of poems detailing the accounts of a group of 11th grade girls as they navigate the world of adolescence.

I was quickly immersed in this world with three teenagers falling into the party scene and the habits of drinking and drugs and older boys. It was a high school I personally never experienced, but one I almost felt part of. I grew increasingly fascinated with Paige and her story and actually found myself genuinely enjoying the verse form through which it was presented.

This alone was a bit of a shock as the last book I read that functioned like this was one I did not enjoy at all.

But One Too Many Lies is a brilliantly woven story about a young girl struggling to find her place, developing through peer pressure and proximity from a shy and somewhat nerdy girl to one who regularly parties and nearly often into trouble with her friends. Paige’s journey in this poetry collection is brilliant and poignant in a number of ways.

I’ll say, I think the synopsis was a bit over dramatic, as was the final poem. But all in all, I really enjoyed this read. It waas fairly quick, something I was able to start and finish within the span of a single day and definitely something I would consider reading again.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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