So, I don’t know how many of you know about Litographs and what they do, but they’re a pretty amazing company that prints portions of books on shirts and tote bags. I already have two shirts and a scarf that I absolutely adore, which is really exciting for me. More recently, Litographs has decided to start selling book blankets and pillows and as a result I imagine much of my money will be thrown straight at them once my puppy has left his chewing phase because I really want a book blanket.

img_8004But, aside from that, Litographs also spearheads this really cool project that I almost got to be a part of that involves temporary tattoos of a small portion of a book, in this case Alice in Wonderland, that everyone is meant to post online and basically the goal is for the entire book to end up “tattooed” on a bunch of different people.

Unfortunately, I think mine got lost in the mail and was delivered to me too late for me to participate officially, however I really wanted to share it with you guys anyway since it’s honestly such a cool and amazing idea. And it’s really cool to know that I, as well as others, had a whole book sort of tattooed to ourselves even if mine was super late.

And truly, I think I was lucky in getting a really cool sounding section of the text.

I’m still signed up with the Litographs team to participate the next time they try a project like this, so hopefully when that happens I’ll actually get the tattoo in the mail on time.

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4 thoughts on “Litographs and a Late Photo

    1. The Alice tattoos are a pretty rare thing they do, tbh. Their main gig is to print books on t-shirts and such. But yeah, the tattoo thing is really cool!

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