F28242B8-3729-499A-A4A6-ED0482D85000A compilation of stories and artwork based off the real life breakups of a variety of different people, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (But You Could Have Done Better) is a pretty fun read. All those stories that you used to read in that one section of the magazine have now been jotted down in the pages of a book. From those young middle school break ups to the ones as an adult that truly break your heart, this book does a pretty wonderful job of capturing them all.

Admittedly, I don’t really see Breaking Up Is Hard To Do as the sort of book I would really bother myself to buy, but rather as the sort of book that I’d page through in the bookstore appreciating each story and piece of art inside, and then set back on the shelf. It’s not a reread sort of book, though you can find yourself truly feeling for the people as some of their worst breakups are laid bare in front of your eyes. I did really enjoy reading this book, though I definitely expected there to be more artwork and less text.

Each story is told with a block of text on a page, followed by an illustration or two that captures the general gist of how the breakup went. It doesn’t really follow a graphic novel format or anything like that, which is fine and I think the artist manages to make the compilation work well with her work. I had initially expected it to follow a more graphic novel format, though, having imagined that more of the story would be available in art form. This, of course, would have been much more difficult to portray.

I definitely think this book is worth reading, though probably not really one to reread.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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