You know, I don’t I know how mums do it.

Sometimes, and often sometimes, I think I want to have kids someday. But then I run into the reality that they give you next to no free time. And all of this coming from the fact that I’ve had a puppy for nearly three months. Me? I work in education. I spend time with kids five days a week, all day long. And then I come home to Mickey who, despite how much I love him and all the amazing wonderful cuteness, can be a right pain in the ass sometimes.

img_8118And so, I just wonder how parents do it. My writing has suffered for it, my blog has suffered for it. I’m honestly shocked that I even have time to post right now (this should be some sort of clue that I should try to schedule the rest of my posts, right?). I guess I’m not good at juggling children unless it’s work related. Or maybe I just feel bad leaving him on his own. And I still can’t let him pose with my books!

But, it’s a pretty good life. And he’s a pretty good dog, most of the time, lol.

I guess this is mainly an accountability post to say hey, even if I promise I’ll be posting a lot more…life gets in the way. A lot. And so, maybe I will. Maybe I wont. It all depends on how life is going and what priorities I’ve taken. It’s a shame writing goes onto the back burner, but here we are. I love you all, happy reading!

img_7327P.S. Halloween is coming up and Petco is hosting a Halloween costume contest whereby the best dressed up dog gets a gift card. There’s a pet parent and pet pairs contest that I’m really hoping Mickey and I win. You see, working in education and specifically with my company, we have a Disney day where I occasionally get to dress up as fun Disney characters. This past time, I went as Minnie Mouse. So, naturally, I got Mickey a Mickey Mouse costume. It just seemed right.

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